Valentine or the NBA on your iPhone?

I hope everyone had a great valentine’s day. Did you download one of the few valentine iPhone apps to create an iPhone heart to email to send to that special someone or if you’re a NBA fan and you have a special someone to take out to dinner tonight you may want to download the NBA All Star app so you can keep up with all of the weekend activites. Lucky for me the wife and I decided to stay home and watch the NBA all star weekend shows together, then watch a movie later.

Still I wanted to check out the NBA all star app in the app store.

The NBA all star app links to the live videos showing behind the scene action, plus links to past all star weekend videos. The NBA app has a cool mini video preview window at the top right that gives the app a unique kind of picture in picture feature.

Take a look at the screen shots.


More iPhone problems & why Tuesday might be a fail of a day for Apple

Well for for the 5th or 6th time I had to restore my iPhone. Why? It’s the famous app crash bug. What is the app crash bug? It’s when you go to open an app and it just closes right after it’s open. See my video on seemic

Just last night I was writing a blog post using the wordpress for iPhone app like I’m using to type now and the battery went dead and then I recharge the iPhone and then the iPhone app crash bug hit me again.

The first time it happen all I did was download an app from the app store. So my fix is just to use iTunes to download apps and not the iPhone apps store. Now that is a big fail!

Well I’m not sure if this was an Apple iPhone problem or WordPress but I just typed a lot more than this but now it’s gone. Either way fail!

Apple just give us what we want on Tuesday at the Let’s rock event: copy and paste, video recording, flash support and turn by turn gps with voice navagation.


iphone icons

Well its been a few days since I’ve posted here, so my daily iPhone blogging streak is over. But I’m blaming that on the iPhone due to the 2.0.2 app crash bug, none of my apps wouldn’t open. Things seem to be back to normal and if Apple & Steve Jobs is listening they’ll release an iPhone software update asap!

Anyway after restoring my iPhone it looks like google has updated their iPhone web app icons. Take a look them and a few more of my web based icon apps.

The merch

I’ve heard of the merch and wore some the merch products before but I have never been to the merch until today.

The merch is a custom screenprinting and design shop in Carrboro, NC and they are printing t-shirts for BarcampRDU & for a blogger bash that I’m having next Wednesday with my coworker Ginny at Edge-Office.

So if you get a chance check out