Where is Google Latitude for the iPhone?

Ok I know it takes a while for Apps to get approved in the app store but I won’t take that as an excuse from Google. Also I believe I saw a working version of the app on techcruch a few months ago and it was using mobile safari browser on iPhone 3.0 OS. So Google, where is Google Latitude for the iPhone? Is it coming in the upcoming iPhone 3.0.1 update?

I’m usually patient about app updates but for latitude, I really thought we would have seen it out by now. I mean latitude already works on blackberry phones and there is that Apple / Google partnership thing going on right?

Also there are multiple ways Google could add latitude support for the iPhone. They could make it work with mobile safari, or google earth or the iPhone google app itself.

Come on Google give us latitude… please!


Create contact photos & avatars with Persona

I saw the Persona app on the TUAW site and had it give it a try. Persona allows you to easily create avatars on your iPhone. The app worked well besides a few crashing but that could have been the iPhone OS, therefor I recommend saving your avatar as you go. One note is that I would thought they would have added an easier way to share your persona avatar socially. As of right now you can add it to your photo library on the iPhone but I think it would nice If they would add an upload to gallery or a share on Facebook / Twitter feature.

Below are some screenshots from the app and my “Wayne Sutton” persona.

inspell brings spell checking to the iPhone

I was surprised but happy today when I checked cydia to see a new app added to the list called inspell. Inspell is a spell checker for the iPhone 3.0 OS and it cost $2.99 in the cydia store.

Inspell adds a little red line under misspelled words on the fly and it doesn’t slow down the typing performance.

Below are a few screenshots of the app and how it works.

screenshots & testing AT&T’s telenav iphone app.

I found out today via the @gizmodo gadget blog that AT&T has released their gps navagation iPhone app called Telenav. Is this another sign of Apple’s relationship with AT&T that no mention of this app at WWDC? Also is AT&T trying to beat tomtom at their own game as iPhone users wait the release of the tomtom iPhone app?

Either way below are a few a screenshots of AT&T’s Telenav iPhone app. Are you going to use it or are you waiting for the tomtom iPhone app?

Wayne of SocialWayne.com

GoDaddy finally has a mobile website to buy domains on the go

Tonight while at dinner with Peter Shankman and friends we were talking about buying domain names and Peter mentioned about he was buying domain names from his phone with Godaddy. To my surprise when I checked, godaddy has finally created a iPhone / mobile version of their website. This is good news for those of us who think about new domains on the go but I’m still surprised that godaddy hasn’t released a native iPhone application yet.

Do you buy domains from your mobile phone? If so how?