My 1st time with @Pastebud, iphone copy & paste, screenshots

Yesterday a new attempt to bring copy and paste to the iPhone was released, called Pastebud. Pastebud is bookmarklet solution with a $5.00 business model.

After first reading about it on before it was released & then reading about some security concerns (pasting other peoples email) after the release I was both excited & doubtfull about the service.

Either way, I installed my bookmarklets in Safari, synced my iPhone and started to copy and paste. Here are a few iPhone screenshots of my iPhone copy and paste attempt with Pastebud.

To find out more about Pastebud go to or follow them on Twitter as

My opinion, it’s a great start, and worth giving it a try.


Using Trapster iphone app to find speed traps

I’m currently driving to Charlotte, NC for a live video show on social media for and using trapster iPhone app. Trapster is a community speed trap app/ social network to inform you of when those sneaky police officers are hiding trying to give you a ticket.

Here are a few screenshots. Are you using this app?