Mobile blogging iPhone apps

TypePad was out first with their iPhone blogging application but being first doesn’t mean it’s the best.

I created a trial TypePad account, you can view it here and installed the TypePad iPhone application. My feedback so far? WordPress rules!

I know sometimes in life free is not always good but to have a monthly fee to pay for a blog is so 2001(TypePad). My free trial ends in 14 days, in the mean time I may post something there but nothing like on here.

By the way, thanks for reading and which mobile blogging app is your favorite on the iPhone?




My Plurking Wife!

What have I done? I came home a few evenings ago and my wife @LaToymsutton on Twitter, didn’t come and greet me. I went into our home office room and what do I see? Her with both laptops up, one on Twitter and the other on Plurk. I was like wow, is this what I look like?

Needless to say I was glad to she that she was twittering because she has fell in love with Plurk (there is nothing wrong with that though). But she quickly informed me that she was only twittering to let her followers know that they can find her on Plurk as @latoyasutton . Umm ok.

Either way my wife, sister (@janetsutton) and mother (gwensutton) are in Plurk too. My mom and pops are ok Twitter as well as (@gwensutton & @williesutton). They both follow me and now have a better understanding of why and what I’m doing with my career.

If you get a chance read Mashable’s ( post today about getting your mom on Twitter.

If this iPhone had copy & paste I would paste the URL.



Today is one of those days I’m glad I go in a 10:00 a.m. I only got 4 1/2 of sleep and it’s going to be a long day. I hope everyone is in a good mood at work!

By the way if you’re in Raleigh, NC or near by, my coworker and I are having a blogger bash at Edge-Office from 7-9 pm. See for more information. (plug)

I so wish it was 8:02 p.m.


7:15 am yesterday

So I woke up at 7:15 a.m. yesterday and I’m still up. Not good for big day tomorrow(blogger bash), umm I mean today. Going to try to get 4hrs of sleep and see how productive I can be.


The BlackArmor Maxtor hard drive, the best gadget display ever?

While in staples today I came across the BlackArmor Maxtor hard drive display and I was wowed. It was well designed almost Apple like. The display grabbed my attention made me pick up the device and a more information card.

Now I’m no newby to technology but for something to catch my eye like this, I must give props to the marketing department.

The two main features of this device is the government-grade encryption and the slick look and feel of it.

Would I buy it? No because I can get almost the same 160 gb hard drive for 69.00 vs. the 149.00 staples is selling it for. But if security is you main concern you might want to take a look at the BlackArmor by Maxtor.

PS: I was not paid to type this. 🙂


MobileMe is me? Now I am.

Do you see my tagline? It reads mobile is me. You know where I got that from but it wasn’t until about 12:30 a.m. I could truly say I’m using Apple’s MobileMe push email, calendar and contact sync service.

I’ve heard the nightmare stories from a few friends that MobileMe had erased all of their contacts so I was a bit nervous. So first I backed up my entire mac, then I exported a backup of my address book. I use a google calender sync app that I can’t remember right now (I’m in borders) so I wasn’t worried about my calendar.

I deleted thw old .mac account on my iPhone and set up the new mobileme account. At first my contacts and calender did not sync and I got worried but I said I’ll give it until morning. So I woke up today all synced up using MobileMe! Sweet.

Also I tried to view the mobileme page on my iPhone and it says, use your iPhone apps crazy, well not really but something like that.


IPhone vs. Bathroom books and magazines

Continuing with my recent trend of bathroom post, I’m wondering how many people read while in the bathroom vs. how many play with their iPhones while in the bathroom.

I know it’s kind of personal, so I’ll go first. I do both, I’m typing this blog post on my iPhone while in the bathroom and I read books too. My current bathroom books are Groundswell and Media Rules, along with magazines Inc., MacWorld, Entrepreneur and Fast Company.

Hey, blogging is about being personal right?

Which are you, iPhone user, book or magazine reader or all of the above?