More iPhone problems & why Tuesday might be a fail of a day for Apple

Well for for the 5th or 6th time I had to restore my iPhone. Why? It’s the famous app crash bug. What is the app crash bug? It’s when you go to open an app and it just closes right after it’s open. See my video on seemic

Just last night I was writing a blog post using the wordpress for iPhone app like I’m using to type now and the battery went dead and then I recharge the iPhone and then the iPhone app crash bug hit me again.

The first time it happen all I did was download an app from the app store. So my fix is just to use iTunes to download apps and not the iPhone apps store. Now that is a big fail!

Well I’m not sure if this was an Apple iPhone problem or WordPress but I just typed a lot more than this but now it’s gone. Either way fail!

Apple just give us what we want on Tuesday at the Let’s rock event: copy and paste, video recording, flash support and turn by turn gps with voice navagation.



One thought on “More iPhone problems & why Tuesday might be a fail of a day for Apple

  1. What about MMS? It truly is an unrealized device, once jailbroken though it becomes bearable. I’m truly loving my 1st GEN unlocked/jailbroken iphone wherein I pay $5.99 a month for EDGE Data, have video recording, MMS, NES and above all customization of my homescreen. Jailbreak FTW, Appstore = Fail.

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