Hello readers it’s been a while since I posted here and there’s a good and bad reason for that.

1. I started back blogging on my 1st iPhone blog at and posting video iPhone app reviews there.

2. I’m trying to do to much and need to slow down a bit.

My themeword for the year is focus. For more on themeword go to & type in factoryjoe & #themeword . I picked focus because I know how I am. I have a lot of ideas and I try to do theme all, therefore creating a lot of projects that end of being life noise projects without any of them really taking off.

For example I launched (an electiom video comment blog) the day before the election, a lot of people said good idea but I only got 8 comments. If I would have focused on it before early voting started the site may have been more successful.

Also as of right now I have at least 6 other sites I want to launch such as , , and w4network. All require time and I could use some help on a few, but back to the matter. It will be Christmas soon then another year (2009) and I want to look back on 2008 and say it was a great year and look at what was accomplished. With only a month and a half left we’ll see but I need to focus to get things done and reach out to my network and friends to see if they can help me out.

Thanks for reading and yes I typed this on my iPhone (at borders) taking a lunch break.

As always: I’m Wayne Sutton and I’ll see you online.