Giving a Whrrl of a try: another location based app

Have you heard of Whrrl? It’s another location based iPhone social networking app. I installed it sometime ago but have only used it a few times. But aparently Whrrl is a big winner in some areas because if my memory serves me correctly, I think I read that Whrrl has a contract with a HBO tv series for online/ TV mashup. Also I think Whrrl was listed as a top 10 app on one of the major tech blogs as an app/site to keep an eye on….

What I like about Whrrl is the app is fast on finding my position but unless it’s a user error I can’t post any custom places like I can with Loopt or Brightkite, something I don’t like.

Also I think the only way to add friends is from the website something that loopt just 1 up everyone this week with it’s mix network.

Still I think Whrrl is a nice app, it does have a lot of pre-listed locations to say this is where you are but I don’t see a lot of people using the app at this time or it could be just my friends don’t use it.

Are you using Whrrl?


Loopt upgrades and adds some mix

Yesterday Loopt upgraded their iPhone app to make it more social by adding a feature called Mix. When the Loopt iPhone app was first announced I was excited about it along with others but after it came out and I had a chance to test it out, Loopt was a big fail for me. Mainly because I couldn’t find other users and I didn’t want to SMS spam my address book asking them to join.

But now with the optional mix feature I can see other Loopt users and ask them to be friends and see what they’re up to and reviews of their past locations.

Loopt also added a group feature that I need to look into. The first group I see is the techcrunch one.

Already I’ve added a few one new local Loopt friend who I was already a friend with on Twitter, Chris Daniel.

I would say that if you don’t want to be found turn off the mix because if I see you I’m going to text you.

Loopt also has a feature to send tweets to Twitter & update your facebook also with it’s facebook app. A rss feed is coming soon.

Are you going to use the mix service? Do you like the update?

I’m still waiting for Brightkite to come out with it’s location based app and then the location based iPhone app battle will begin.

See the screenshots below of the new Loopt.

More options for iPhone tethering pdaNet available

As I continue pimping my jailbroken iPhone, I fired up cydia tonight to find out that pdaNet now has an app to assist me with tethering my 3G AT&T service to my mac.

After installing the app I had to restart my iPhone to enable pdaNet wireless rounter option. As you can see in the screenshot.

This is about the fourth tethering app for the iPhone, first was netshare, then it was , and a few other web instructions how to share your connection with your computer.

I have not tested pdaNet with my macbook yet but when I do, I’ll let you know. But one thing is for sure I’m not a fan of the little IE logo on my iPhone. lol

Also this is my first post with the blogpress iPhone app. At least it tells me it going to add a line of code to my post unlike iblogger in the previous post.

Let see how the picture layout works. After embeding a few picture from my library, I really like how it wraps the photos around the text. Now let’s see if I can find tags.

— Post From My iPhone

Are you afraid to jailbreak your iPhone?

image1620393806.jpgI have noticed a trend while talking with my other iPhone tech friends, that except for about two others I’m the only one with a jailbroken iPhone.

The two others are @Critter & @Corvida on twitter but besides that most iPhone users phones are stock from apple.

I started to notice it at barcamprdu when at the iPhone session I mentioned if anyone wants to talk about jailbraking your iPhone I was kind of looked at as the illegal guy. Also while on the social geek podcast this week with some more geeks I asked if anyone had a jailbroke iPhone the phone went silent. Then last night at social media club rdu while talking about mobile video and apps, I asked the same question and again silience.

So are you afraid to jailbreak your iPhone? Or is it you just don’t know how? Or you don’t see the benifits with a jailbroken iPhone?

Well for me my iPhone is jailbroken for one main reason, video recording. I can record video with 4 different apps, Qik, flixwagon and a few more.

Another app that I like a lot is catergories that allows me to make folders on my iPhone springboard.

Some have even said that the installer & cydia installer is even better than the app store. While I would say that, I do belive that some features such as copy & paste along with flash support will come to jailbroken iPhones before being the iPhone supports it nativitly from Apple.

Those are a few reason, so I ask the question one more time, are you afraid to jailbreak your iPhone?

By the way this is my 1st post using the iblogger iPhone app from the app store.

It looks like I can add links but not mulitple pictures.


New and old blogging plus twitter iPhone apps to choose from

New iPhone apps are poping up everyday most of them seem to be games and useless but for us geeks and bloggers fear not a few new apps have shown up for us also.

Hear are a few of the new ones:
1. iBlogger
2. Blogpress
3. Twitfire for you Twitter fanboys

I have not setup iBlogger of Blogpress yet but from the reviews both look great supporting wordpress, blogger & etc. One of them has a feature to post inline or wrap text around photos which would be cool and a feature I can’t do right now with this wordpress for iPhone app.

I posted a tweet this morning to twitter using @twitfire , I like the app and really love the feature to insert a URL in a tweet but it needs a show my replies & DMs option for me to really use it. Thanks to @appvee on Twitter for the find.

And old favorite made it on to apple’s app store this week, twitxr. Twitxr was real big for twitter users who wanted a way to post photos on Twitter. Twitxr did it before Utterz now utterli & Brightkite was launched. Twitxr still has a growing community and their iPhone app was always one of the best in usibility.

Another new or updated app that has changed it’s name is now mobile fotos, a Flickr iPhone app. I think it was mobile Flickr, either way it’s a great app that uses the iPhone’s gps to find flickr photos of people near by. It reminds me of twinkle but for Flickr photos.

Ok that’s it for now and I’ll try to post more often, I think the next post is going to be about podcaster & dtunes other ways to get music & podcast on your iPhone besides the app store & iTunes.

Screenshots below

Blogging on the iPhone, 4 sites & 4 apps

There’s a lot of talk about the iPhone as a gaming platform but little talk as it being a blogging device. I think the main reason is the lack of a keypad but if you’re an experience iPhone user then you know you don’t need it and the touch keyboard works just fine.

Problogger wrote about the iPhone as a blogging device on his blog here too.

Here are four apps that use to blog on four different sites all from my iPhone
1. WordPress for iPhone –
2. Tumblrette –
3. Typepad –
4. Lifecast –

Keep in mind I just started on the other 3 sites that’s not this one and it’s harder to manage all four than to blog to them from my iPhone. Also there are other blogging apps out there but these are the four I use and like for each site.

Screenshots below

Why EverNote has replaced Notes on the iPhone for me

I don’t use the notes iPhone app any more and the main reason is because Evernote is just better. Evernote helps me in my workflow by having an iPhone app, desktop (windows + mac) and web anywhere access, something I think most note and to-do-list apps should have. Plus Evernote syncs across all platforms.

Screenshots below:

What do you use for note taking on your iPhone?