No cue cards no problem

So I couldn’t remember my lines so I got a trial of videocue software for the mac along with my logitech USB webcam recording this video for my new site. I also have a few car sun reflectors to help manage the light.

Here we go!

It runs in the family: tech genes

So my mom had to drop off a package for me today in Raleigh. She stays an 1:30 from me in Wallace, NC, but while dropping of the package she pulled out her new flip camera. Those flip cameras are nice & it’s great to see my mom play with gadgets and technology.

So she pulls out the camera but then she starts doing an informal interview about the Plurk blog post on Mashable. This story won’t die! I’ll get the file from her soon & post online.

See my tech mom below.


My iPhone is jealous

My iPhone is jealous everytime I pull out my Nokia N95. Today I’m testing a social video sharing site that only allows you to record up to, you guess it, 12 seconds. So since my pwgned/jailbroken iPhone 2.0 can’t record videos yet I’m still using my Nokia N95. The N95 has a 5 mega-pixel camera, which makes it better for vidoe anyway.

Either way I feel that my iPhone is jealous!