Are you micro-blogging on your iPhone with these apps?

We all know about that one micro-blogging site that starts with a T but what about the other micro-blogging sites such as plurk, rejaw, jaiku, Yammer and Did you you know each service has an iPhone app too? Are you using one the micro-blogging iPhone apps below?


Twitter feedback: my top 3 twitter iphone apps

Yesterday I recieved a direct message from @absentcanadian on twitter saying he just purchased an iPhone and asked what is the best twitter iphone app. My response was the best free twitter iPhone app is twitterfon, the best paid Twitter app is tweetie and also try fan favorite and one of the first twitter iPhone apps twitterrific.

I have tried almost every Twitter iPhone app available and I’m using tweetie. From the looks of it I’m not the only one who thinks tweetie rocks, take look at a few other tweets about tweetie below.

What Twitter iPhone app do you use?

Rwjaw iphone app review

If your a rejaw and iPhone user then today is a good day. Rejaw iPhone app has been approved and is in the iPhone app store.

The app is clean and fast. It works just like the site with almost instant Ajax type instant messege posting. If your not familiar with rejaw you send shouts and whispers. Yes it’s another micro-blogging network with less focus on the micro and more focus on the blogging.

See the screenshots below

my new favorite iphone twitter app: twitterfon

Since everyone seems to be talking about either the iPhone or google chrome, I think I’m going to start a simple series on iPhone apps.

First up is newly released twittetfon. I like it over the other Twitter iPhone apps because it’s simple, clean, looks like It also loads users tweets inline with their replies and it has simple navagation, replies, friends and settings. screenshots below.

Will only the long blog post survive? Micro-blogs

I don’t know if you can see my picture below but take a real close look. Do you know what those windows are for? Well it’s twhirl for 13 different Twitter accounts but only 4 open, it’s plurkAir, it’s Rejaw, it’s a pownce air app, and a friendfeed air app. All micro-blogging or conversation bases desktop apps.

Most of these app have no business model except pownce bit rejaw looks like it was bootstrapped, not sure but will find out. That brings me to this thought, how long will the sites be around and are these micro-blogging sites hurting triditional blogging?

At first thought I’m saying yes that it will hurt triditional blogging because I’m struggling to write a long blog post now on social media but I can whip out about 100 short Tweets or Plurks with ease. Rejaw a new site on the seen allows you to post up to 1000 letters but I think my mind is stuck on 140.

NC has the best twitter community in the world!

I was going to write this post early this morning about how I loved the Twitter community here in N.C. I was going to show my Twitter badge picture and say we’re planning a #bowlingtweetup tonight and say I was looking forward to it.

But I’m glad I waited just show you the pictures from tonight and confirm that the NC community has the best Twitter community in the world.

A big thanks to @dtraleigh on Twitter who organzied the Tweetup. If interested our next Triangle Tweetup is August 21st at iContact in Cary, NC.

See for details and here are the pictures from the #bowlingtweetup.

My Plurking Wife!

What have I done? I came home a few evenings ago and my wife @LaToymsutton on Twitter, didn’t come and greet me. I went into our home office room and what do I see? Her with both laptops up, one on Twitter and the other on Plurk. I was like wow, is this what I look like?

Needless to say I was glad to she that she was twittering because she has fell in love with Plurk (there is nothing wrong with that though). But she quickly informed me that she was only twittering to let her followers know that they can find her on Plurk as @latoyasutton . Umm ok.

Either way my wife, sister (@janetsutton) and mother (gwensutton) are in Plurk too. My mom and pops are ok Twitter as well as (@gwensutton & @williesutton). They both follow me and now have a better understanding of why and what I’m doing with my career.

If you get a chance read Mashable’s ( post today about getting your mom on Twitter.

If this iPhone had copy & paste I would paste the URL.