iphone app, live broadcasting from your iphone to ustream

Guess what showed up in cydia today; iPhone app that let’s you live stream from your iPhone to . To my knowledge this is ustream’s 2nd iPhone app. The 1st iPhone app is in apple’s iTunes app store that let’s you watch ustream’s live video streams over wifi and this one allows you to broadcast. This also adds to the list of live video stream jailbroken apps as joins Qik, flixwagon and liveCliq to enable a feature that many people thank should be native when you buy your iPhone.

When you first launch the app it ask for your login information, after that you can configure your channel, pick the video quality and have the app send a tweet when you go live.

Here are a few screenshots from the app.


Tales of a 2.1 jailbroken iPhone,

Aww, the much anticipated iPhone 2.1 was released on Friday, still with no copy and paste but a more reliable system. But not a safe sytem to keep the iPhone dev team from releasing quickpwn for both mac and windows in less than 48 since 2.1 was released.

So you know what that means for me, a more stable jailbroken 2.1 iPhone system for me

I’ll post about a few new apps tomorrow but in the mean time check out this screenshot and let me know of you see something new and cool?

Apple’s big news and let downs

Well yesterday was all about Apple, iTunes, and iPods. I’m a little disappointed that I have to wait yet again for something else from Apple. Yes I’m excited about the new iPods and will probably get one since Nike plus doesn’t work on this buggy iphone but what I really need and want is iPhone OS 2.1 .

Just maybe it has copy and paste but reports from early 2.1 iPod touch downloaders it’s a no show. Either way I just want all my apps to start working and stop crashing!

Myself, Louis Grey and even Leo all have tweeted about our iPhones crashing, so 2.1 better live up to it’s expectations or there is going to be some serious backlash from the iPhone community.

So if you wanted a new iPod, then yesterday was your day and Friday will be mine.

Also check out for a quick podcast review of today’s keynote… Plug 🙂

The BlackArmor Maxtor hard drive, the best gadget display ever?

While in staples today I came across the BlackArmor Maxtor hard drive display and I was wowed. It was well designed almost Apple like. The display grabbed my attention made me pick up the device and a more information card.

Now I’m no newby to technology but for something to catch my eye like this, I must give props to the marketing department.

The two main features of this device is the government-grade encryption and the slick look and feel of it.

Would I buy it? No because I can get almost the same 160 gb hard drive for 69.00 vs. the 149.00 staples is selling it for. But if security is you main concern you might want to take a look at the BlackArmor by Maxtor.

PS: I was not paid to type this. 🙂