A family that blogs together stays together

I finally was able to get my wife to start blogging again. Her blog is http://latoyamsutton.wordpress.com and what do you know my mom and sister are blogging now too. The funny thing is I tried to get them to blog 2 years ago. Either way I’m glad, and my mom’s blog is http://gwensutton.wordpress.com and my sister has a photo blog at http://photosnprocess.com & blog is at http://photosnprocess.com/blog

Now if my dad and older sister starts blogging it may be time for a new sutton famiy blogging network. 🙂


Live streaming getting KO on the nintendo wii and family fun

Yesterday my sister @JanetSutton on Plurk (I can’t get her to join twitter) was over and she wanted to learn a few things about live streaming online. She has one of those new dell laptops with the built in webcams like the mac has, so I told her it would be easy.

Since she’s on yahoo IM already we went yahoo live (live.yahoo.com) and i created her a channel. Then I called our mom to let her know the URL so she could see Janet & I on the live stream. My mom is 100 miles away and Janet lives another 80 miles away. So live streaming on yahoo which can support up to 5 live cams for us is a great way for the family to see each other and have online conversations.

But what is the first thing we live streamed? Janet and myself playing the nintendo wii! The first game was smack down vs raw wwe wrestling where I was king Booker T & Janet was the Nature Boy Ric Flair and I won 2 out of 3 matches so much for the woooo! Then we started playing wii boxing and it was on! But the first thing we did was send out plurks letting people know Janet and I was live streaming.

If you didn’t tune in, you missed a good one. Janet and I went at it knocking each other out in the first rounds but she got me on the first match. So we had a rematch. Sad to say, I was KO a second time! Hey, I’m new at this game :). But the best part was our mom and a few Plurk buddies watching everything. Don’t you just love the Internet ?





Banned from krispy kreme?

I’m banned from krispy kreme, no more doughtnuts. I can’t stop by even when the “hot now” sign on. It’s just sad.

Well I’m not officialy banned from krispy kreme but I’m banning myself because I need to lose like 20 lbs soon. I hope the wii fit helps too.

Speaking of wii fit anyone have a wii fit and have lost a good amount of weight using it, along with a good diet?


8 Topics people don’t blog about but why?

It’s Sunday and the brain is running a little low on topics but I had this one stored on reserved. 🙂

This could be bias because of what I have in my google reader and what’s in your rss reader may be different. But here are a few topics I don’t see people blogging about.

1. Going to poop/bathroom
2. Relationship problems when married
3. Racism & racism online (without something happening to you)
4. Crushes on online celebs.
5. Wanting to quit your job.
6. Being in debt.
7. Things you’re not good at.
8. Being abused

Any other topics people don’t blog about?

Should some items be taken off the list? If so, what are some examples?

What would you like to see people blog about more?


It runs in the family: tech genes

So my mom had to drop off a package for me today in Raleigh. She stays an 1:30 from me in Wallace, NC, but while dropping of the package she pulled out her new flip camera. Those flip cameras are nice & it’s great to see my mom play with gadgets and technology.

So she pulls out the camera but then she starts doing an informal interview about the Plurk blog post on Mashable. This story won’t die! I’ll get the file from her soon & post online.

See my tech mom below.