screenshots & testing AT&T’s telenav iphone app.

I found out today via the @gizmodo gadget blog that AT&T has released their gps navagation iPhone app called Telenav. Is this another sign of Apple’s relationship with AT&T that no mention of this app at WWDC? Also is AT&T trying to beat tomtom at their own game as iPhone users wait the release of the tomtom iPhone app?

Either way below are a few a screenshots of AT&T’s Telenav iPhone app. Are you going to use it or are you waiting for the tomtom iPhone app?

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One thought on “screenshots & testing AT&T’s telenav iphone app.

  1. Thanks for the scoop on this. If there’s a free version I’ll definitely check it out but I’ve been pretty happy with the Maps app that ships with the iPhone. Since I’m in Chicago and don’t usually venture too far outside the city much I may not be their target audience. I know the lay of the land fairly well and don’t usually need turn by turn directions…just general directions.

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