iphone app, live broadcasting from your iphone to ustream

Guess what showed up in cydia today; iPhone app that let’s you live stream from your iPhone to . To my knowledge this is ustream’s 2nd iPhone app. The 1st iPhone app is in apple’s iTunes app store that let’s you watch ustream’s live video streams over wifi and this one allows you to broadcast. This also adds to the list of live video stream jailbroken apps as joins Qik, flixwagon and liveCliq to enable a feature that many people thank should be native when you buy your iPhone.

When you first launch the app it ask for your login information, after that you can configure your channel, pick the video quality and have the app send a tweet when you go live.

Here are a few screenshots from the app.


3 thoughts on “ iphone app, live broadcasting from your iphone to ustream

  1. …. First guess…. This is great!

    Second guess… Does this do what I think it does? This would be close to video conferencing… in the United States no less…. Is this functionality banned from the Apple store in any way? (There are so many rules, I wouldn’t doubt if it is) Does your phone have to be jailbroken to install this?

  2. Wow! Stumbled on your page to discover this in the process of preparing my 3G for sale as jailbroken + unlocked. Now I’m thinking about keeping it for this application. My mind is spinning.

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