4 new reasons to jailbreak your iPhone: copy & paste, spaces, video upload & xgps

If you have been reading the apple iPhone jail breaking news latly then you know that apple is trying to say that if jailbreak your iPhone it’s against the law. Now I’m not about breaking laws but my iPhone is jailbroken and I love it, also jail-breaking my iPhone shouldn’t be a crime either.

But as of right now it’s not a crime and here are four new reasons to jailbreak your iPhone.

#1. Copy and paste: I’m using an app called hclipboard and there’s another hack called clippy. hClipboard even has a template feature to save items in a clipboard to copy when needed.

#2. Tapsb is the app and it’s not even out yet but people are already blogging and post tweets about it. Tapsb brings spaces to your iPhone and makes it easy to jump between your springboard.

#3. I think or hope most people know that with a jailbroken iPhone you can live video stream and record videos but it’s limited for direct video recording to work with Youtube. Now with a new pixelpipe video enabler you can record videos and upload them to vimeo, viddler, flickr (up to 90secs) and other services that pixelpipe support. Please note pixelpipe is in the app store but the video enabled is in cydia.

#4. xgps is a turn by turn gps voice navigation app that is currently at version 1.1. It created some buzz a few weeks ago when a Youtube demo showed the new features for 1.2 which enables the voice navigation and more. The 1.2 was supposed to come out today but they pushed it back.

Now when you think about it all these features should be enabled when you buy the iPhone brand new. Come on Apple, trying to say it’s a crime to jail break my iPhone is like saying it’s a crime to put some 22s on a cadillac.

What is your favorite jailbroken iphone app?


3 thoughts on “4 new reasons to jailbreak your iPhone: copy & paste, spaces, video upload & xgps

  1. Hey Wayne,

    What is your favorite way to record video on the iPhone. I used to have mine jailbroken, then decided I didn’t really care too much, but as you state in this post, there are now way too many cool reason to jb.

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