What is your favorite geo location based iphone app?

To me there’s three main location based apps for the iPhone: Brightkite, Loopt and Whrrl. The others are playing catch up and have a long way to go. I’m still waiting for google to update their google app with latitude feature to see how that affects my use of the other location based apps, but until then my favorite is Brightkite.

What is your favorite location based app? Do you use location based apps at all or you don’t like anyone (big brother) checking in on you.

Did you enable the gmail location signature feature?


6 thoughts on “What is your favorite geo location based iphone app?

  1. Brightkite is my favorite — hands down! I love it!!
    It does everything — location, chat, pictures with Facebook and Twitter integration. It needs a few tweeks, like an easy way to follow subscribed threads … but I think it’s a terrific app.

  2. I’ve stayed away from these types of apps for now… Tried one of them, can’t remember the name, and didn’t like it much. Don’t see much need to be broadcasting to the world where I am at all times.

  3. Hey I don’t know if you already heard about this, but Whrrl launched the beta of of their 2.0 iPhone app at Twiistup in L.A. last week and I know they’re still accepting beta users.

    Emailing to customerservice@whrrl.com is the easiest way to get signed up. I’m using it, so if you do get in I hope you’ll send a friend invite to whrrl1@gmail.com

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