How much will you pay for an iPhone app?

I remember reading about how we should get ready for pro iphone apps thats going to cost $25 to $50.00 and it looks like a few pro iphone apps have arrived already. The Marriam-Webster dictionary app cost $24.99 and the LogMein ignition app coat $29.99. Unlike the once $99.99 iPhone app that lasted about two weeks, these app do have either a business or day to day use to them.

How much are you willing to pay for an iPhone app? Have you purchased either the Logmein or Webster iPhone apps?


6 thoughts on “How much will you pay for an iPhone app?

  1. I think the most I would pay for an iPhone app is $9.99. I have two games (Tetris and SimCity) that I paid that for that I think are well worth it. Anything over that is questionable because it’s not as if they’re selling boxed software, etc. The economics are different. Some people would say some things justify more than $9.99 but I really wonder how successful any app over $9.99 is likely to be. (Not including that “I’m Rich” app where the guy charged like $999 or something lol).

  2. I do not have an iPhone but even if I did I would be hard pressed to spend money for apps for it unless the developers can guarantee early adopters will be supported for life and that mandatory new releases will not be every six weeks with features I will never use. Why do I need the MW dictionary when I can go to and get what I need? btw I would get the Oxford dictionary over the MW anyday.

  3. I’ve been using the iPhone for about a month now, and have gathered quite a few apps, most of them free. As I get to know the iPhone, I’m more comfortable with how integrating certain apps into it’s usage, while at the same time, not going too crazy with every app that gets recommended. Thus far, the highest I’ve paid for an app was around $5.00. I expect that if I needed a medical dictionary, $24.99 doesn’t sound unreasonable for one to have on your iPhone. I think as a rule though, I’d be a hard sell on any app much over $20.00.

  4. Like Aimee, I’ve spent up to around $5 for personal apps. Haven’t bought anything for work yet. I’d probably go up to about $20 or so if the app was very useful and there was a very good reason to purchase, though I’d think a lot more carefully about these types of purchases rather than the $1 – $3 impulse buys for apps that look good.

    Of course, the other problem is that if you spend something like $25.00 – $50.00 on an app and it doesn’t work, that’s money down the drain, with no way to get a refund from Apple.

  5. Unless it’s a really big game, I don’t see myself ever going past the $15 mark, or unless you’re getting a service with the purchase (like Remember The Milk).

    I think a big problem is that there’s no trial period or anything, so most users are only gonna take chances on free alternatives right now.

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