The Linkedin iPhone app needs an upgrade

I’m now finding myself using the Facebook iPhone a lot more recently and was looking at the Linkedin iPhone app the other day thinking how much I don’t use it. The Linkedin app is basically a status reader with a profile search that has limited features. I can’t check my inbox, approve new connections or access groups in the app either. Even the good old MySpace iPhone app has more features than the Linked app. There’s a few screenshots below. Do you use the Linkedin iPhone app? If so how?


3 thoughts on “The Linkedin iPhone app needs an upgrade

  1. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing a lot lately. The main thing I’d like is the ability to add and approve connections. That seems like a required feature for a mobile social networking app.

  2. Wayne, I couldn’t agree more. It was pretty exciting having LinkedIn on my iPhone—my professional network right there in my pocket.

    But LinkedIn certainly haven’t kept pace with FaceBook as far adding new capabilities to the app, which is too bad. Hopefully there’s an upgrade in the not too distant future.

  3. Ditto…although I see I am joining this conversation many months later. Perhaps it puts and exclamation mark on the whole issue.

    I don’t agree with feature creep when it creates bloat and interface silliness. But honestly why can’t we at least manage the account remotely. If it’s for security issues make it timeout faster. If it’s for legal reasons…well I have no answer there 😉


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