Giving a Whrrl of a try: another location based app

Have you heard of Whrrl? It’s another location based iPhone social networking app. I installed it sometime ago but have only used it a few times. But aparently Whrrl is a big winner in some areas because if my memory serves me correctly, I think I read that Whrrl has a contract with a HBO tv series for online/ TV mashup. Also I think Whrrl was listed as a top 10 app on one of the major tech blogs as an app/site to keep an eye on….

What I like about Whrrl is the app is fast on finding my position but unless it’s a user error I can’t post any custom places like I can with Loopt or Brightkite, something I don’t like.

Also I think the only way to add friends is from the website something that loopt just 1 up everyone this week with it’s mix network.

Still I think Whrrl is a nice app, it does have a lot of pre-listed locations to say this is where you are but I don’t see a lot of people using the app at this time or it could be just my friends don’t use it.

Are you using Whrrl?


One thought on “Giving a Whrrl of a try: another location based app

  1. is this like dodgeball for iphone? sounds really interesting.

    Also–really like your blog layout and really liked when you had a video post (you talked about not going to vegas blog expo)–it made me feel like i got to know you, even tho we’ve just exchanged a few tweets back and forth.

    keep up the good work


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