Loopt upgrades and adds some mix

Yesterday Loopt upgraded their iPhone app to make it more social by adding a feature called Mix. When the Loopt iPhone app was first announced I was excited about it along with others but after it came out and I had a chance to test it out, Loopt was a big fail for me. Mainly because I couldn’t find other users and I didn’t want to SMS spam my address book asking them to join.

But now with the optional mix feature I can see other Loopt users and ask them to be friends and see what they’re up to and reviews of their past locations.

Loopt also added a group feature that I need to look into. The first group I see is the techcrunch one.

Already I’ve added a few one new local Loopt friend who I was already a friend with on Twitter, Chris Daniel.

I would say that if you don’t want to be found turn off the mix because if I see you I’m going to text you.

Loopt also has a feature to send tweets to Twitter & update your facebook also with it’s facebook app. A rss feed is coming soon.

Are you going to use the mix service? Do you like the update?

I’m still waiting for Brightkite to come out with it’s location based app and then the location based iPhone app battle will begin.

See the screenshots below of the new Loopt.


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