New and old blogging plus twitter iPhone apps to choose from

New iPhone apps are poping up everyday most of them seem to be games and useless but for us geeks and bloggers fear not a few new apps have shown up for us also.

Hear are a few of the new ones:
1. iBlogger
2. Blogpress
3. Twitfire for you Twitter fanboys

I have not setup iBlogger of Blogpress yet but from the reviews both look great supporting wordpress, blogger & etc. One of them has a feature to post inline or wrap text around photos which would be cool and a feature I can’t do right now with this wordpress for iPhone app.

I posted a tweet this morning to twitter using @twitfire , I like the app and really love the feature to insert a URL in a tweet but it needs a show my replies & DMs option for me to really use it. Thanks to @appvee on Twitter for the find.

And old favorite made it on to apple’s app store this week, twitxr. Twitxr was real big for twitter users who wanted a way to post photos on Twitter. Twitxr did it before Utterz now utterli & Brightkite was launched. Twitxr still has a growing community and their iPhone app was always one of the best in usibility.

Another new or updated app that has changed it’s name is now mobile fotos, a Flickr iPhone app. I think it was mobile Flickr, either way it’s a great app that uses the iPhone’s gps to find flickr photos of people near by. It reminds me of twinkle but for Flickr photos.

Ok that’s it for now and I’ll try to post more often, I think the next post is going to be about podcaster & dtunes other ways to get music & podcast on your iPhone besides the app store & iTunes.

Screenshots below


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