More options for iPhone tethering pdaNet available

As I continue pimping my jailbroken iPhone, I fired up cydia tonight to find out that pdaNet now has an app to assist me with tethering my 3G AT&T service to my mac.

After installing the app I had to restart my iPhone to enable pdaNet wireless rounter option. As you can see in the screenshot.

This is about the fourth tethering app for the iPhone, first was netshare, then it was , and a few other web instructions how to share your connection with your computer.

I have not tested pdaNet with my macbook yet but when I do, I’ll let you know. But one thing is for sure I’m not a fan of the little IE logo on my iPhone. lol

Also this is my first post with the blogpress iPhone app. At least it tells me it going to add a line of code to my post unlike iblogger in the previous post.

Let see how the picture layout works. After embeding a few picture from my library, I really like how it wraps the photos around the text. Now let’s see if I can find tags.

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  1. ok the time is wrong on this post, I think it’s because of the blogpress iPhone app. I’m going to stick with the wordpress app & hope the add the features in these new blogging iPhone apps.

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