Are you afraid to jailbreak your iPhone?

image1620393806.jpgI have noticed a trend while talking with my other iPhone tech friends, that except for about two others I’m the only one with a jailbroken iPhone.

The two others are @Critter & @Corvida on twitter but besides that most iPhone users phones are stock from apple.

I started to notice it at barcamprdu when at the iPhone session I mentioned if anyone wants to talk about jailbraking your iPhone I was kind of looked at as the illegal guy. Also while on the social geek podcast this week with some more geeks I asked if anyone had a jailbroke iPhone the phone went silent. Then last night at social media club rdu while talking about mobile video and apps, I asked the same question and again silience.

So are you afraid to jailbreak your iPhone? Or is it you just don’t know how? Or you don’t see the benifits with a jailbroken iPhone?

Well for me my iPhone is jailbroken for one main reason, video recording. I can record video with 4 different apps, Qik, flixwagon and a few more.

Another app that I like a lot is catergories that allows me to make folders on my iPhone springboard.

Some have even said that the installer & cydia installer is even better than the app store. While I would say that, I do belive that some features such as copy & paste along with flash support will come to jailbroken iPhones before being the iPhone supports it nativitly from Apple.

Those are a few reason, so I ask the question one more time, are you afraid to jailbreak your iPhone?

By the way this is my 1st post using the iblogger iPhone app from the app store.

It looks like I can add links but not mulitple pictures.



4 thoughts on “Are you afraid to jailbreak your iPhone?

  1. Afraid isn’t the word I’d use, it just seems like to much hassle. Especially when every time I turn around I’m updating it and the software I downloaded. Have to say though, I just don’t get why the iPhone doesn’t have video capability.

    If I was a much a videophile as you, I’d do it.

  2. I think someone people are afraid and they really don’t understand how to do it. It’s easy to us and we’re willing to give it a try because we figure we can bring it back to life if we screw anything up. They don’t. Lis (anewlis) asked me when am I coming to Cali to do it for her. She’s scared, and understandably so. She really does want to jailbreak her iPhone though.

    Also, we need to have a talk about iPhone apps.

  3. I’m with Janet. It’s not that I’m afraid. Just seems like a hassle. Sometimes I hear about people where it causes problems. Who knows what Apple might do about it in the future? For me, the benefits just don’t out weigh the possibility of problems in the future.

  4. I’m very afraid – that’s what brought me to this website. I don’t have a lot of time to waste making sure I’ve followed every single detail and if something goes wrong how long will it take to fix and restore the iphone. All the videos I’ve seen make it seem very do-able and easy but I still hesitate. The main thing I need is tethering! I could link my Mac with my crappy LG phone with no prob. Now I’ve been without for months and I’m going crazy!

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