Blogging on the iPhone, 4 sites & 4 apps

There’s a lot of talk about the iPhone as a gaming platform but little talk as it being a blogging device. I think the main reason is the lack of a keypad but if you’re an experience iPhone user then you know you don’t need it and the touch keyboard works just fine.

Problogger wrote about the iPhone as a blogging device on his blog here too.

Here are four apps that use to blog on four different sites all from my iPhone
1. WordPress for iPhone –
2. Tumblrette –
3. Typepad –
4. Lifecast –

Keep in mind I just started on the other 3 sites that’s not this one and it’s harder to manage all four than to blog to them from my iPhone. Also there are other blogging apps out there but these are the four I use and like for each site.

Screenshots below


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