Why EverNote has replaced Notes on the iPhone for me

I don’t use the notes iPhone app any more and the main reason is because Evernote is just better. Evernote helps me in my workflow by having an iPhone app, desktop (windows + mac) and web anywhere access, something I think most note and to-do-list apps should have. Plus Evernote syncs across all platforms.

Screenshots below:

What do you use for note taking on your iPhone?


5 thoughts on “Why EverNote has replaced Notes on the iPhone for me

  1. I found it, thanks. I have Evernote but don’t really know how to use it. But I do enjoy reading your posts and especially appreciate your reviews on the iPhone apps. Please keep it up!!

  2. Oh and I have WordPress too. It’s awesome. I need to learn how to post text and pictures from my iPhone. All I know how to do is post text. But it’s a great blogging app.

  3. Question: What is the difference between Evernote & Skitch? Aren’t they both web clippers? Do you know if Skitch is going to have an iPhone app?

  4. Evernote does everything, photos, text, web sites, Skitch just photos or screenshots and you can draw on them, save to photo album and email to them to yourself or others. I’ll post Skitch one day next week

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