SugarSync app review, but shouldnt dotmac aka mobileme have this feature?

Recently I purchased sugarsync from Apple’s iPhone app store and decided to give it a try. Sugarsync is not just an iPhone app but a remote desktop file sync service. To use it you have to download a desktop application that syncs your files to their servers in which you use the sugarsync iPhone app to access those files remotly.

The service is not free but cheap, I think it’s $2.94 a month for 10gb of storage. So far I’m only using about 3gb of space but it’s good to know can access a few files on my iPhone.

The service reminds me of Apple’s old dotmac aka now mobileme service where I can sync my files but I can’t access them on my iPhone, something I think mobileme should do. I know as of right now mobileme is still a little buggy and is focused on syncing contacts, mail and calender information but accessing my files via my iPhone would be nice too. In the mean time I’ll keep using sugarsync.

Screenshots below.


2 thoughts on “SugarSync app review, but shouldnt dotmac aka mobileme have this feature?

  1. sugarsync is a nice tool. I use it since 2 weeks an am very happy with it. I just don’t get the upload working as fast as I want it to.

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