Richard solo iphone rechargeable battery pack review

It’s marketed as the smart backup battery backup pack and for most iphone users it’s something we all need. It’s the Richard | Solo rechargeable battery powered by dexim.

I first read a review of the battery on and they also compared a kensington charger too but something about the Richard | Solo charger and product brand caught my attention so I went with them.

So on Thursday I put in the order knowing I should have made the order a few weeks ago because I had a five hour bus ride last weekend and I would need the battery pack. I survived the buss ride from the weekend and on Monday the mailman knocked my door with a package, yep the battery back arrived in four days and that’s with free ground shipping.

So how does it work? Well I only had to use it twice so far but both times it has done the job and worked as marketed. My only problem is that I have a incase plastic cover on my iPhone and for the charger to stay connected I have take it out of the protective cover. But to keep my iPhone charged it’s worth it.

On another note I’m interested to see if you have noticed any changes in your battery life since the 2.1 iPhone upgrade?

See the Richard | Solo package and battery. To buy the battery go to


One thought on “Richard solo iphone rechargeable battery pack review

  1. I upgraded to 2.1 a few days ago and it seems like my battery is not lasting as long now. I have the 16gb 3G.

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