Apple’s big news and let downs

Well yesterday was all about Apple, iTunes, and iPods. I’m a little disappointed that I have to wait yet again for something else from Apple. Yes I’m excited about the new iPods and will probably get one since Nike plus doesn’t work on this buggy iphone but what I really need and want is iPhone OS 2.1 .

Just maybe it has copy and paste but reports from early 2.1 iPod touch downloaders it’s a no show. Either way I just want all my apps to start working and stop crashing!

Myself, Louis Grey and even Leo all have tweeted about our iPhones crashing, so 2.1 better live up to it’s expectations or there is going to be some serious backlash from the iPhone community.

So if you wanted a new iPod, then yesterday was your day and Friday will be mine.

Also check out for a quick podcast review of today’s keynote… Plug 🙂


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