Google Reader, the best rss reader app for the iPhone

Ok I know google reader is not a native app, you can’t download it from the app store but it’s a web app.

If you’re like me you read a lot of blogs/ news/sites from google reader and you want to read the same feeds on your iPhone. There are a lot of native app options for RSS readers for the iPhone too, such as netnewswire, byline, feeds and newsstand. I’ve tried two out of the four and after reading reviews on the other two I decided not to give them a try.

But with 3g speed and an iPhone version of google reader I’ve decided to just use the web app as my rss reader. Therefore I don’t have to do any syncing and I don’t have to manage my feeds on my iPhone in another app. Plus google has done a great job with the iphone version. My only complaint is that if I would click on a tag I would like for it to show all my feeds for that tag, instead of me having to click on each feed. Besides that, the site is clean and fast.

Screenshots below.


One thought on “Google Reader, the best rss reader app for the iPhone

  1. Glad you like Reader on the iPhone! By the way, you can view all items that have a folder/tag by using the folder icon item that appears above the list of feeds in it.

    Mihai Parparita
    Google Reader Engineer

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