Will only the long blog post survive? Micro-blogs

I don’t know if you can see my picture below but take a real close look. Do you know what those windows are for? Well it’s twhirl for 13 different Twitter accounts but only 4 open, it’s plurkAir, it’s Rejaw, it’s a pownce air app, and a friendfeed air app. All micro-blogging or conversation bases desktop apps.

Most of these app have no business model except pownce bit rejaw looks like it was bootstrapped, not sure but will find out. That brings me to this thought, how long will the sites be around and are these micro-blogging sites hurting triditional blogging?

At first thought I’m saying yes that it will hurt triditional blogging because I’m struggling to write a long blog post now on social media but I can whip out about 100 short Tweets or Plurks with ease. Rejaw a new site on the seen allows you to post up to 1000 letters but I think my mind is stuck on 140.


2 thoughts on “Will only the long blog post survive? Micro-blogs

  1. My experience has been that I do “traditional” blogging less, but the stuff falling off my “traditional” blog is transient kinda stuff and link exchanges — neither of which my readers greatly appreciated anyway.

    My blog has turned much more into a series of articles since I started Twittering, which I think improves my blog quite a bit.

    Now, you’ve got information overload with how many different social apps you’re on — I can barely keep up with Twitter and FriendFeed, much less Twitter, FriendFeed, and all the rest!

  2. Yeahh, microblogging could be a problem when folks want to compose longer posts. Almost along the same lines of how people are saying that chat is eroding the EnGliSh language (lol), but I digress. I’d like to see a tool that can take all your tweets and plurks and whatever else and help you aggregate all that stuff into a bigger post…maybe I’ll do it. 😀

    –Tiffani AB

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