Banned from krispy kreme?

I’m banned from krispy kreme, no more doughtnuts. I can’t stop by even when the “hot now” sign on. It’s just sad.

Well I’m not officialy banned from krispy kreme but I’m banning myself because I need to lose like 20 lbs soon. I hope the wii fit helps too.

Speaking of wii fit anyone have a wii fit and have lost a good amount of weight using it, along with a good diet?



2 thoughts on “Banned from krispy kreme?

  1. I haven’t used it enough to say I’ve lost a bunch of weight, but definitely have had good workouts. I usually go through all of the strength exercises (adding more as they get unlocked) and then to the yoga. Definitely get a good sweat going. Great for the times when I can’t go to the gym.

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