BarCampRDU 2008

Today is BarCampRDU at Red Hat in Raleigh, NC. We have over 240 people signed up. I really want to thank Fred who started BarCampRDU 2 years ago and Dave Johnson and his entire family who really made things happen this year!

Also to the sponsors, iContact, Rpath, ibm developers, blue strip, edge-office, design hammer, creative carrboro coworkimg, clearwire, Montie design, canonical, Viget labs, lulu & red hat for hosting us!

I’ll be guest Twittering from the account so follow the tweets and tag everything Barcamprdu




One thought on “BarCampRDU 2008

  1. Thanks for all you did for BarCamp RDU too Wayne! You’re an inspiration for a lot of folks and I’m one of them. I think things turned out great and I’m very proud that together we made it happen. It did seem a little precarious at times in the weeks leading up, but that’s what made it exciting and so satisfying in the end.

    – Dave

    PS. sorry: I didn’t post this from an iPhone 😉

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