My Plurking Wife!

What have I done? I came home a few evenings ago and my wife @LaToymsutton on Twitter, didn’t come and greet me. I went into our home office room and what do I see? Her with both laptops up, one on Twitter and the other on Plurk. I was like wow, is this what I look like?

Needless to say I was glad to she that she was twittering because she has fell in love with Plurk (there is nothing wrong with that though). But she quickly informed me that she was only twittering to let her followers know that they can find her on Plurk as @latoyasutton . Umm ok.

Either way my wife, sister (@janetsutton) and mother (gwensutton) are in Plurk too. My mom and pops are ok Twitter as well as (@gwensutton & @williesutton). They both follow me and now have a better understanding of why and what I’m doing with my career.

If you get a chance read Mashable’s ( post today about getting your mom on Twitter.

If this iPhone had copy & paste I would paste the URL.



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