The BlackArmor Maxtor hard drive, the best gadget display ever?

While in staples today I came across the BlackArmor Maxtor hard drive display and I was wowed. It was well designed almost Apple like. The display grabbed my attention made me pick up the device and a more information card.

Now I’m no newby to technology but for something to catch my eye like this, I must give props to the marketing department.

The two main features of this device is the government-grade encryption and the slick look and feel of it.

Would I buy it? No because I can get almost the same 160 gb hard drive for 69.00 vs. the 149.00 staples is selling it for. But if security is you main concern you might want to take a look at the BlackArmor by Maxtor.

PS: I was not paid to type this. 🙂