MobileMe is me? Now I am.

Do you see my tagline? It reads mobile is me. You know where I got that from but it wasn’t until about 12:30 a.m. I could truly say I’m using Apple’s MobileMe push email, calendar and contact sync service.

I’ve heard the nightmare stories from a few friends that MobileMe had erased all of their contacts so I was a bit nervous. So first I backed up my entire mac, then I exported a backup of my address book. I use a google calender sync app that I can’t remember right now (I’m in borders) so I wasn’t worried about my calendar.

I deleted thw old .mac account on my iPhone and set up the new mobileme account. At first my contacts and calender did not sync and I got worried but I said I’ll give it until morning. So I woke up today all synced up using MobileMe! Sweet.

Also I tried to view the mobileme page on my iPhone and it says, use your iPhone apps crazy, well not really but something like that.



One thought on “MobileMe is me? Now I am.

  1. Nice little moblog, really nice effort using the WordPress app for the iPhone to the max.

    Let me ask you, have you tried adding any links inside a post yet? I guess I could test it directly but I’m lazy, lol.

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