8 Topics people don’t blog about but why?

It’s Sunday and the brain is running a little low on topics but I had this one stored on reserved. 🙂

This could be bias because of what I have in my google reader and what’s in your rss reader may be different. But here are a few topics I don’t see people blogging about.

1. Going to poop/bathroom
2. Relationship problems when married
3. Racism & racism online (without something happening to you)
4. Crushes on online celebs.
5. Wanting to quit your job.
6. Being in debt.
7. Things you’re not good at.
8. Being abused

Any other topics people don’t blog about?

Should some items be taken off the list? If so, what are some examples?

What would you like to see people blog about more?



2 thoughts on “8 Topics people don’t blog about but why?

  1. Well, I was running low on topics as well, but I’m definitely going to keep this list handy for future reference.

    ‘Preciate It!

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