Thank you WordPress! 5 days & 20 post from my iPhone

Just want to say thank you to WordPress and Apple for making products to fit our new digial lifestyles. I started mobile blogging this past Tuesday and as of today I’ve posted 20 mobile post all from my iPhone using the WordPress for iPhone mobile blogging application. Also I recieved my 1st comment today.

I know to some this is not a big deal but for me it is. Why?

1. I stopped main stream blogging about 7 months ago .
2. I’ve been micro-blogging mostly on twitter, plurk and pownce.
3. I started doing a video blog for my job (
4. I’ve had this URL for sometime but never has used it.

So this is just the beginning and I’m excited about the fact that WordPress for iPhone is open source and I’m looking forward to the future updates.

Good job guys!