Looking and feeling better at the mall?

I don’t go to the mall that much and I’m wondering if you have this in your mall too. But today I was at Triangle Town Center mall in Raleigh, NC and saw the iBrightExpress teeth whitening and the Chinese accupressure booths.

The iBriteEzpress both caught my attention because of the bright blue LCD lights glowwing on people as they lean back and get their teeth clean. For the accupressure booth, well I could use a massage.




One thought on “Looking and feeling better at the mall?

  1. Wayne,
    I was fascinated by the teeth brightener at Triangle when I first moved here this year. I had never seen it!
    PS: If there is an email list or if you can point me where to keep up with meetups in Raleigh ie: LinkedIn (I missed the one recently) twitter, plurk, bloggers etc…. I would like some help. I am on twitter and plurk as thefencepost.

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