Backups of backups oh my!

Last night I purchased another USB hard drive to backup my MacBook. That brings my USB drive count up to five. This is a one touch maxtor 160gb drive. Why so many? Because I have been burnt too many times by not having my computer backed up or I’ll experience a system or hard drive crash. Well not that many times but twice is one time too many. Plus it’s good to have a cloned mini one touch drive to have around for those unexpected system crashes.

The process will be a nightly backup using an application called super durper, use another drive as a time machine backup. The other drives are used for file storage.

I’m just glad hard drive prices are so cheap now, because it looks like I’ll be buying a 1TB drive soon to backup my backup drives.



One thought on “Backups of backups oh my!

  1. Burned will do it.

    I have USB thumbdrives for project folders that are important. Then I have two regular drive USB/FW enclosures. My next one will be a 320GB SATA unit. I also try to keep a copy up at Mozy.

    Belt. Suspenders. Hip waders. 🙂

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